Preston Ventures
APRIL 8, 2019

Free diving is a skill we have chosen to practice as a team. We chose free diving because it is not only physically but also mentally challenging which is in line with our company mantra this year of intentional personal growth. In particular free diving teaches mental strength which is a skill we use every day at Preston when digging into the data to find and develop solutions.

Free diving requires one to stay calm and breathe slowly in the face of a daunting and potentially stressful descent. For our team, this included depths of up to 66 feet without supplemental oxygen. By practicing this discipline, a person can reach depths beyond their expectations. That was what our team experienced in our checkout dive at Catalina island, with many of us exceeding our own expectations. We are also getting to apply these skills of patience and perseverance to our daily challenges at Preston Ventures.

In the coming months, Preston will publish a series of videos featuring the freediving event and discussions with Preston team members and leaders. Our entire office was able to train for and experience free diving firsthand. We undertook this adventure part as team-bonding but also as a part of our commitment to each other this year to become better people: mentally, emotionally, intellectually, or physically. We are excited to share this story. Please check back soon for the next in the series.